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Bag in Bag out- BIBO

short description:

Bag In Bag Out Filter, that is, bag in bag out filter, usually referred to as BIBO, also known as pipe type exhaust air efficient filter device. Since the filter has intercepted harmful aerosols with high activity or high toxicity during the working process, it is necessary to ensure that the filter does not have any contact with the external environment during the replacement process, and the filter replacement is carried out in a sealed bag, so it is called the bag into the bag filter. Its use can effectively prevent the diffusion of harmful aerosols and avoid biohazards to personnel and the environment. It is a filter device used for specific biological risk environments to remove harmful biological aerosols in the exhaust wind. It generally has the function of in-situ disinfection and leak detection.

Product Specification

Product Detail

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Product Advantage

●  Sprayed with 304 stainless steel or cold-rolled sheet (stainless steel 316L optional).
●  Housing accommodates standard tank HEPA filters and pre-filters.
●  Fitted with filter removal lever to pull filter into replacement position.
●  Each filter access port comes with a PVC replacement bag.
●  Upstream filter seal: Each HEPA filter is sealed relative to the air entry surface of the frame to prevent the accumulation of internal contaminants.

Technical Index

Free-standing gate
Each filter component, pre-filter and HEPA filter is housed in a protective bag with a separate door for safe, economical and optional maintenance.

External flange
All housing flanges are flanged to facilitate field connection and to keep them away from contaminated air currents.

Standard final filter
The basic housing is designed for use with standard HEPA filters. The filters include high-capacity HEPA filters with air volume up to 3400m 3 /h per filter.

Hermetic bag
Each door equips with sealed bag kit ,each PVC sealed bag is 2700mm length.

Internal locking mechanism
All fluid seal filters are sealed using an internal drive locking arm.

Filter module
Primary filter - Plate filter G4;
High Efficiency Filter - Liquid tank High efficiency filter H14 without partition.


Product Drawing


Standard Size and Basic Performance Parameters

Model number

Overall dimension W×D×H

Filter size W×D×H

Rated air volume(m3/s













Note: The specifications listed in the table are for customer's reference only and can be designed and manufactured according to customer's URS. * Indicates that this specification requires a 305×610×292 filter and a 610×610×292 filter.

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  • Introducing Bag In Bag Out – BIBO, the ultimate solution for the safe and effective containment of hazardous materials. With its innovative design and advanced features, BIBO ensures the protection of people and the environment when handling hazardous substances.

    BIBO is a system specifically designed for use in controlled environments such as laboratories, pharmaceutical production facilities and research institutions. This cutting-edge technology enables operators to safely transfer contaminated materials without any risk of exposure or cross-contamination.

    The main highlight of BIBO is its unique “bag in bag out” concept. This means that contaminated material is safely enclosed in a single-use bag, which is then securely sealed inside the BIBO unit. This double barrier ensures that hazardous materials are effectively contained and removed from the work area.

    With its intuitive design and easy-to-use interface, BIBO offers unparalleled convenience and reliability. The system is equipped with a state-of-the-art filtration module that effectively captures and removes harmful particles and gases. These filters can be easily replaced, ensuring continuous sealing performance and minimal downtime.

    BIBO also has strong security mechanisms to prevent any accidental exposure. The system is equipped with interlock switches and sensors that detect when the BIBO unit is not properly sealed or when the filter module needs to be replaced. This ensures that operators are always aware of the status of the system and can take immediate action if necessary.

    The versatility of BIBO is another notable aspect. The system can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different applications and facility layouts. It can be integrated into an existing ventilation system or used as a stand-alone unit, offering maximum flexibility and adaptability.

    In conclusion, the Bag in Bag out-BIBO has revolutionized the way hazardous materials are handled, providing a safe and efficient containment solution. With its advanced features, robust security mechanisms and customizable design, BIBO ensures the protection of people, the environment and the integrity of sensitive processes. Trust BIBO to handle hazardous materials safely, efficiently and compliantly.