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Dispensing Booth-Weighing Booth & Sampling

short description:

The negative pressure weighing room is a purification equipment designed for weighing raw materials, drying materials or product sampling in the purification area, which is mainly used in pharmaceutical, microbial research and scientific experiments. The system is equipped with primary, medium and high efficiency filters, which provide a vertical unidirectional air flow to the weighing work area, which can effectively control the dust flying, most of the clean air circulates in the work area, and a small part of the clean air is discharged to the background area, so that the working area produces negative pressure relative to the background area, prevents cross-contamination, and protects the clean environment and the safety of indoor personnel.

Product Specification

Product Detail

Product Tags

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Product Advantages

  • Cross contamination control through negative pressure environment option.
  • Full unidirectional airflow provides superior aseptic work zones.
  • Fully welded single piece SUS304 internal chambers with rounded covered corners.
  • Clean interior and exterior finishing.
  • GMP modular design with minimized joints and seams.
  • Gel seal HEPA filters, HEPA/ULPA gel sealed design is better than conventional gasket sealed.
  • Dimensions are customized to suit process requirements.
  • All components meet or exceed applicable safety requirements.

Technical Indicators

●  The airflow velocity is 0.45m/s±20%.
●  Equipped with control system.
●  Wind speed sensor, temperature and humidity sensor Optional.
●  High Efficiency fan modules provide clean laminar flow air (measured with 0.3µm particles) to meet cleanroom requirements with efficiencies up to 99.995%.
●  Filter module:
●  Primary filter - Plate filter G4;
●  Medium effect filter - bag filter F8;
●  High Efficiency Filter - Liquid tank high efficiency separator free filter H14.
●  380V power supply.

Product Drawing


Standard Size and Basic Performance Parameters

Model number

Overall dimensionW×D×H

Work area size W×D×H

Wind speed on the outlet sidem/s

Cleanliness of work area

Power supplykw

BSL-WR 13-120060




Cobackground region


BSL-WR 34-150120




BSL-WR 75-200200




BSL-WR 112-300200




BSL-WR 186-400250




The shape height of the negative pressure weighing room is generally 20 ~ 30mm lower than the ceiling height of the room

Note: The specifications listed in the table are for customer's reference only and can be designed and manufactured according to customer's URS.

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