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BSLtech Pharmaceutical SOLUTION

When developing your expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, quality comes first. Strict regulation in the industry creates the need for cleanrooms with facilities that comply with all regulations.

BSL Cleanroom supplies mini-environments and integrated laminar flow zones with ISO Class 5 (EU GGMP A/B). These protect critical processes, so the rest of the cleanroom can suffice with a lower ISO class. This allows for optimisation of the operational costs. The EU GGMP has a cross reference to the cleanroom standard ISO14644-1.


To prevent cross-contamination BSL supplies isolation cleanrooms. Optionally supplied with continuous monitoring of processes. The design of the cleanroom warrants isolation of all airborne contamination of personnel and processes outside of the space. A clean downflow protects the process in the insulation space. Isolation cleanrooms are ideal for the treatment of powders, weighing, purity tests, chemical analysis and packing.

Typical processes in the pharmaceutical industry:

● Third party (contract) manufacturing
● Blister packaging
● Sleeve fabrication for medical packaging
● Capsule and tablet manufacturing
● Sampling of product and re-packaging
● Powder handling, weighing
● Covering machines / production lines