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Mikroskop Industrie Produktion Computer Wafer

BSLtech Semiconductor SOLUTION

Developing your expertise within the semiconductor industry often requires cleanrooms or laminar flow cabinets with a high ISO class (ISO 5 or higher). Are you dealing with UV-sensitive processes? Even then BSL supplies the right cleanroom. The cleanrooms have a high-quality wall finish and feature lighting with UV filter. By use of anti-static (ESD) materials and anti-static bars on the filter system, the static charge in the air neutralises.

When degassing is not desired, BSL offers a cleanroom of non-outgassing materials (PU). This technology originates in the aerospace industry.

Typical processes in the semiconductor industry:

● Protection of substrates and silicon wafers
● EUV Research
● Mask aligners
● Vacuum coating, thin film deposition
● Printing applications
● Optics

Front-end and back-end processes