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short description:

Air shower series products are a kind of local purification equipment with strong versatility, generally installed between the non-clean room and the clean area, is the passage required for people or goods to enter the clean area, and the clean air blown out can remove the dust carried by people and goods, and can effectively block or reduce the dust source into the clean area. The front and rear doors of the air shower/cargo shower are electronically interlocked, which can also act as an airlock to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area. The equipment is widely used in food, medicine, bioengineering, microelectronics and other fields.

In addition to the air blowing function of the ordinary air shower, the mist shower function is also increased, which is suitable for “toxic dust” pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises. High-pressure pump compression through the copper nozzle will spray water in a fine mist, wet the dust adhered to the overalls, so that the staff clothing dust does not fly.

Product Specification

Product Detail

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Air Shower Room Product Advantages

● High speed nozzle over 25m/s ensures effective blowing action to remove particulate matter.
● High efficiency filter, 0.3 micron particle filtration efficiency of more than 99.99%.
● Disposable pre-filter G4 extends the life of HEPA filters.
● An emergency stop button is installed on the inside of the air shower.
● When people enter the air shower, the equipment automatically senses and starts the air nozzle to work.
● Interlocking door system.

Technical Index

Power source:380V50Hz
Buzzer: differential pressure, fault alarm
Power button: (illuminated visual button) Emergency stop

Shower Room Product Advantages

● Fog shower will form a low flow of wet fog, can pollute the work clothes of raw material powder particles coated, and continue to condense into large material particles.
● The high-speed air flow around the large particles prevents the dust particles from contacting the droplets, and the small droplets of the micro-particles can easily condense the micro-dust particles.
● Large particles of material are deposited on the filter surface or in the stolen goods collection tray through the high-speed air flow. Achieve the resulting droplet and quickly reach air saturation.
● Wets all surfaces and forms beads on clothing. Over time, the water gradually increases until it gently rolls off the clothing.

Environment and Conditions of Use

Cleanliness: Grade D or higher
Temperature: 5℃~40℃

Product Drawing

16098379310 (1)

Standard Size and Basic Performance Parameters

Model number

Overall dimension

Work area size

Rated nozzle speedm/s

Nozzle number(个)

Efficient size



























Note: Air shower room and air shower channel can be made according to customer's requirements which are not listed in the table.

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