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Cleanroom Window/Flush-Mounted Cleanroom Windows

short description:

BSL Cleanroom window consists of two pieces of tempered glass; the window has a built-in desiccant and filled with nitrogen gas, sealed by silicon gel; the window is flush with the wall.The size of windows is produced according to the width  of cleanroom panel or the requirements of client.

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Window thickness 50mm, 75mm, 100mm (special thickness can be customized)
Silk screen color White, Black
glass thickness 8mm
Window form Right angle, outer square inner circle, outer circle (stainless steel can be attached inside)
Door core material Flame retardant paper honeycomb/aluminum honeycomb/rock wool
Viewing window on the door Right angle double window - black/white edge
Round corner double windows - black/white trim
Double windows with outer square and inner circle - black/white edge
Glass type Tempered glass, fireproof glass
Sealing type Silicone
Surface treatment
Sealed around, built-in desiccant in the window and filled with inert gas



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  • Introducing our revolutionary cleanroom windows – the perfect solution for all your cleanroom needs. This state-of-the-art window has been engineered to combine cutting-edge technology with unparalleled cleanliness to give you a seamless viewing experience while maintaining the highest level of hygiene.

    Our cleanroom windows are crafted with the utmost precision using only the highest quality materials. With its crystal clear glass and slim frame, it offers a large viewing area without compromising the integrity of the cleanroom environment. The window is made of an advanced antimicrobial coating material that prevents bacterial growth and ensures easy cleaning, minimizing the risk of contamination.

    Our cleanroom windows are equipped with an innovative sealing mechanism that provides an airtight seal preventing any air leakage or particles from penetrating into the cleanroom space. This durable window is designed to resist extreme conditions, such as high pressure or temperature changes, making it suitable for a variety of cleanroom applications.

    Additionally, our cleanroom windows are designed for easy installation and maintenance. It can be seamlessly integrated into your existing cleanroom structure, minimizing downtime during installation. The windows’ sleek design allows for quick and efficient cleaning, ensuring the clearest view at all times.

    In addition to superior functionality, our cleanroom windows offer a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that enhances the overall look of your cleanroom. Its low-profile design ensures seamless integration into any cleanroom layout, while its minimalist frame allows for maximum visibility and light transmission.

    Whether you are in the pharmaceutical, medical or electronics industries, our cleanroom windows are the perfect choice to improve the productivity, safety and overall cleanliness of your cleanroom environment. With our windows, you can be confident that your cleanroom will meet and exceed the strictest industry standards.

    In conclusion, our cleanroom windows are a breakthrough innovation combining advanced technology, exceptional cleanliness, ease of installation and elegant design. Upgrade your clean room experience today with our Clean Room Window and enjoy unrivaled clarity, efficiency and peace of mind.

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