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Health Care

BSLtech Health Care SOLUTION

When developing your expertise in healthcare, you’ll often be dealing with strict and detailed regulations. BSL develops cleanrooms and flow cabinets in support of GMP protocols in the medical sector. By meeting the full requirements, processes run optimally. The cleanrooms are equipped with fully flush ceiling system. The unique frame design facilitates easy and fast cleaning of the cleanroom.

Slimline control system

Working in cleanrooms and flow cabinets by BSL means working in rooms according to ISO standard 14644. In addition, the Slimline control system of BSL guarantees real-time quality control of the air. The system continuously measures the air speeds and the number of particles in the space. The most critical processes will run smoothly in cleanrooms and flow cabinets by BSL.

Typical processes in healthcare:

● Medical device manufacturing & assembly
● Life sciences
● Biotechnology
● Stem cell research
● Cleaning and packaging of medical devices
● Drug delivery systems
Injection moulding