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Laminar Flow Transport Cabinet

short description:

Laminar flow transfer car is mainly used for aseptic transfer of materials and utensils between aseptic processes to achieve seamless docking. According to the docking requirements, the automatic lifting car of the working face or the automatic lifting car of the butt door can be selected. According to the different transport path of sterile materials, vertical one-way flow or horizontal one-way flow car can be selected.

Product Specification

Product Detail

Product Tags

Factory Show

Product Advantage

Working area positive pressure, comprehensive isolation, strong resistance to external interference
The worktop can be raised and lowered to meet the docking needs of different heights
Super UPS power supply, long working time
Man-machine dialogue operation screen, powerful
Vertical flow and horizontal flow are optional

Technical Index

Shell: 304 stainless steel metal plate bent.

Filter: G4 primary filter and H14 high efficiency filter.

DOP port: The DOP test port upstream of the HEPA filter to test the integrity of the HEPA filter.

Maneuverability: Rotating (360°) casters with brakes.

Product Drawing


Standard Size and Basic Performance Parameters

Model number

Overall dimension L×W×H

Work area size L×W×H

The value of the outlet determines the wind speed(m/s)

Cleanliness of work area

Power supply(kw)





Level A










Note: The specifications listed in the table are for customers' reference only. Class A unidirectional flow carriage can be designed and manufactured according to customers' URS.

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  • Introducing our revolutionary Laminar Flow Shipping Cabinet, the perfect solution for keeping sensitive products sterile and safe during transit. Designed with cutting-edge technology, the cabinet ensures a controlled and sterile environment for the transport of pharmaceuticals, laboratory samples and other delicate materials.

    Our laminar flow transport cabinets feature a highly efficient laminar airflow system that continuously filters and purifies the air inside the cabinet. This laminar flow creates an even, particle-free environment, preventing potential contamination of valuable products. With their superior filtration systems, our cabinets remove up to 99.99% of airborne particles including dust, microbes and other contaminants, ensuring maximum protection during transport.

    Our laminar flow transport cabinets are equipped with state-of-the-art control panels that allow easy monitoring and adjustment of temperature, humidity and airflow. This level of control ensures that your products are shipped in the most ideal conditions, preventing any damage or degradation. The cabinet also features an alarm system that alerts the user when deviations from preset parameters occur so that timely action can be taken to maintain product integrity.

    The ergonomic design of our laminar flow shipping cabinets prioritizes ease of use and convenience. It is compact and lightweight, making it suitable for both small and large transport jobs. The cabinet’s solid construction ensures durability and protection, while its lightweight design allows for easy handling and movement. Its transparent front door provides visual access to product, allowing for easy monitoring without compromising the sterile environment.

    In addition to superior performance and convenience, our laminar flow shipping cabinets are also energy efficient. With advanced technology and efficient airflow design, it minimizes power consumption while maintaining optimum conditions for product safety.

    Trust our laminar flow shipping cabinets to protect the integrity and sterility of your valuable products during transit. With its innovative design, superior filtration system and user-friendly features, it is the ultimate solution for companies in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and scientific industries. Upgrade your shipping process with our reliable and advanced laminar flow shipping cabinets to ensure safe and secure delivery of your sensitive cargo.