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short description:

The VHP aseptic transfer chamber is used for the transfer of materials from low-level clean areas to A and B high-grade clean areas. During the transfer process, hydrogen peroxide is used to sterilize the outer surface of materials and utensils under normal temperature gas state, which can effectively avoid microbial contamination.

Product Specification

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Product Advantages

Sterilization process < 120min, can achieve multi-batch sterilization operation on the same day.
Clean compressed air is used as the power source to reduce indoor air extraction, fast dehumidification, reduce the total sterilization time, and reduce the risk of condensation in the cabin.
The decomposition filter can effectively reduce the VHP concentration during discharge and reduce the impact on the environment and personnel.
It can be repaired up and down to reduce the reserved maintenance space.
It can do rotation sterilization transmission, increase the utilization rate of plant space, and improve the process layout.
The chamber can be tested for tightness, and the sterilization process can be started after passing the test.
The batch number should be entered before sterilization for easy traceability.
The sterilization effect meets the requirements of GMP.

Sterilization Process

Air Tightness Test -- Dehumidification -- H2o2 Gasification Sterilization -- Discharge Residue -- End

Evaporator Drawing


Standard Size and Basic Performance Parameters

Model number

Overall dimensionW×H×D

Work area size W×H×D

Rated volumeL

Cleanliness of work area

Sterilizing potency

Power supplykw





Grade B















Note: The specifications listed in the table are for customer's reference only and can be designed and manufactured according to customer's URS.

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  • Introducing the VHP Sterile Transfer Window: Improving Cleanroom Safety and Efficiency

    The VHP Sterile Transfer Box has revolutionized the way sterile items are transferred between controlled environments, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency. Designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern cleanrooms, this innovative solution employs vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) technology to eliminate contaminants and maintain a sterile environment.

    One of the main highlights of the VHP Sterile Transfer Window is its state-of-the-art VHP Sterilization System. This cutting-edge technology utilizes the controlled release of hydrogen peroxide vapor to effectively kill a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses and spores. This ensures that anything that passes through the box is thoroughly sanitized, minimizing the risk of contamination in the cleanroom. By employing this advanced sterilization process, the VHP sterile transfer window provides a higher level of hygiene than traditional clean room transfer methods.

    VHP sterile transfer windows are not only focused on cleanliness, but also excel in ease of use. The user-friendly design allows for seamless operation, making it suitable for skilled operators and novices alike. The box features a transparent viewing window that enables the user to monitor the sterilization process without compromising the sterile environment. Plus, the spacious interior provides ample space for transferring a variety of items, from small tools to large equipment, without disassembly or compromising its integrity.

    The versatility of the VHP sterile transfer window further sets it apart from other traditional solutions. With customizable dimensions and optional features, the system can be tailored to the specific requirements of any cleanroom facility. Its modular design facilitates easy integration into existing cleanroom layouts, ensuring minimal disruption and saving valuable floor space. The system can be easily installed as a stand-alone unit or seamlessly integrated into a cleanroom wall or partition.

    Safety is paramount when working in a clean room environment, and VHP sterile transfer windows take this aspect very seriously. It is equipped with advanced safety features to protect the user and the cleanroom environment. These safety features include an interlock mechanism that prevents both doors from being opened simultaneously, ensuring an undisturbed sterile environment. Additionally, the box is designed with rounded edges and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, minimizing the risk of accidental injury during handling.

    Efficiency is another major concern for VHP sterile transfer windows. The system optimizes workflow efficiency in cleanrooms by minimizing the need for complex cleaning procedures and reducing human intervention. The rapid VHP sterilization process enables fast turnaround times, increasing productivity without compromising safety. Additionally, the user-friendly interface and intuitive controls ensure that even minimally trained operators can effectively operate and maintain the equipment.

    In conclusion, the VHP sterile transfer window is a cutting-edge solution that combines advanced technology with user-friendly design to improve cleanroom safety and efficiency. With its VHP disinfection system, customizable features, and focus on user safety, this state-of-the-art product sets a new benchmark for cleanroom transfer equipment. Whether used in healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing, or research laboratories, VHP sterile transfer cassettes ensure aseptic handling and maximum protection for critical environments. Take your cleanroom workflow to the next level with the reliability and performance of the VHP sterile transfer window.