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Nuclear and Energy


BSLtech Nuclear And Energy SOLUTION

Developing your expertise in the nuclear and energy sector calls for cleanrooms with ESD properties that optimally protect product or process against damage caused by static electricity. Electrical components are sensitive to static electricity, and static charge also attracts additional harmful contamination. The cleanrooms and flow cabinets by BSL have been manufactured from anti-static (ESD) components that counteract or neutralise static charges. The HEPA and ULPA filters are optionally fitted with ionising bars to neutralise the electrical charge in the air flow.


Especially for this sector, BSL supplies a number of cleanrooms with a broad ISO class application (ISO 5 to 7). The softwall variant is ideal for cleanroom machine setups. If desired, they can be fitted with temperature control. For local critical procedures, ProCleanroom offers ISO 3/4/5 laminar down and cross flow cabinets (LAF).

Typical processes within the nuclear and energy sector:

● Cleaning of sub components
● Hydrogen fuel cell research
● Solar cells and photovoltaic