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CPHI Pharmtech Ingredients Exhibition Russia

The 2023 Russian Pharmaceutical Exhibition is about to be held, which is a major event in the global pharmaceutical industry. At that time, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment suppliers and professionals from all over the world will gather together to share the latest scientific research results, technological innovations and industry trends. The exhibition is scheduled to be held in Moscow, the capital of Russia, in November 2023 and will last for three days. As one of the largest pharmaceutical exhibition events in Russia, this exhibition will provide an excellent platform for exhibitors and visitors to network, establish cooperative relationships, and jointly discuss the challenges facing the industry. The exhibition will showcase the latest drug research and development results, innovative products in the fields of pharmaceutical production equipment, medical equipment and technology. Exhibitors can showcase their advanced technology products, communicate with professionals from around the world, and learn about research results and trends from various fields. The exhibition will also hold various seminars, forums and speeches focusing on hot topics and challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. Experts and scholars will share their research results in drug development, clinical trials and drug approval, and discuss how to improve the quality and safety of pharmaceuticals. In addition to displaying the latest scientific and technological achievements and academic research, the exhibition will also provide business matching services to help suppliers, manufacturers and distributors find partners and expand market share. This will provide exhibitors with opportunities to develop their business and promote innovation and development in the Russian and global pharmaceutical industries. The holding of the Russian Pharmaceutical Exhibition in 2023 will further promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry and international cooperation.It will provide a platform for participants to communicate and share

Post time: Nov-16-2023