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Production of new energy car in clean room

It is understood that a complete car has about 10,000 parts, of which about 70% are carried out in the clean room (dust-free workshop). In the car manufacturer’s more spacious car assembly environment, the oil mist and metal particles emitted from the robot and other assembly equipment will escape into the air, and those precision mechanical components must be cleaned, and the core of the solution to this problem is to set up a clean room (dust-free workshop), separate the various production areas, control air pollutants, and avoid cross infection.
The core lithium battery production of new energy vehicles also requires clean rooms (dust-free workshops). Lithium battery production process on the air humidity requirements are very high, once the raw material is immersed in the air moisture, it will affect the safety of lithium batteries, so the production of lithium batteries need to be in the clean room (dust-free workshop).
In the production process of lithium batteries, the safety of battery assembly and charging is crucial. Corresponding fire resistance measures should be taken, such as setting firewalls, fire doors and using explosion-proof electrical equipment. Static electricity is a problem that cannot be ignored in clean workshops, which may have a negative impact on product quality. Therefore, it is necessary to take a series of electrostatic control measures, such as the floor conductive, anti-static floor and electrostatic elimination device.
The original clean room (dust-free workshop) of the automobile manufacturing industry does not have strict classification standards like other industries, which is more primitive. However, with the development of the automotive industry, engineers have gradually realized the important role of clean rooms (dust-free workshops) in production, and the application of 100,000 class clean rooms and even 100 class clean rooms is more and more widespread.

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Post time: Apr-11-2024