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Requirements of medical clean room

The first point of clean room design is to control the environment. This means ensuring that the air, temperature, humidity, pressure and lighting in the room are properly controlled. The control of these parameters needs to meet the following requirements:

Air: Air is one of the most important factors in a medical clean room. It is necessary to ensure that the particulate microorganisms and chemicals in it are controlled within normal limits. Indoor air should be filtered 10-15 times per hour to filter out particles above 0.3 microns. It is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the air

Comply with the regulations.

Temperature and humidity: The temperature and humidity of the medical clean room also need to be strictly controlled. The temperature should be controlled between 18-24C, and the humidity should be controlled in the range of 30-60%. This helps to ensure the normal operation of staff and equipment, and also helps to prevent deterioration and biological contamination of medicines.

Pressure: The pressure of the medicine clean room should be lower than the surrounding environment, and maintain a constant level which helps to prevent outside air from entering the room, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the medicine

Lighting: The lighting of the medical clean room should be bright enough to ensure that the equipment and drugs being handled can be clearly seen by the staff and can be controlled at 150-300lux.

Equipment selection

Medical clean room equipment is very important. It is necessary to choose some equipment that meets sanitary conditions, is easy to clean and reliable. The following factors should be considered:

Materials: The housing of clean room equipment should be made of high-quality stainless steel material, which is easy to clean and helps to reduce pollution.

Filtration system: The filtration system should choose an efficient HEPA filter that can filter out particles and bacteria above 0.3 microns.

Utilization rate: The utilization rate of the equipment should be as high as possible, which will help improve production efficiency.

Production speed: The production speed of the equipment should meet the expected demand and need to be adjusted if necessary.

Maintenance: Equipment should be easy to maintain so that maintenance and repairs can be made if necessary.

Cleaning procedure

In addition to ensuring cleanliness by controlling the environment and selecting the right equipment, medical clean rooms also need to perform strict cleaning procedures. These procedures shall be carried out in accordance with the following requirements:

Regular cleaning: Medical cleanrooms should be cleaned and disinfected daily to ensure they remain clean at all times.

Strict procedures: Cleaning procedures should include detailed procedures and guidelines to ensure that every area of equipment, surfaces, and tools are thoroughly cleaned.

Employee requirements: Cleaning procedures should clarify the duties and requirements of workers to ensure that they are able to clean and disinfect equipment, surfaces and floors, and keep the work area clean.

Disinfection chemicals: Some intensive chemical disinfection chemicals will be used in the medical clean room. It is necessary to ensure that they comply with the required decontamination and disinfection requirements and do not react with other cleaning chemicals or medicines.

Post time: Apr-02-2024