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50mm Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

short description:


The core material adopts a unique hexagonal structure with high compressive strength; Light weight, good flatness

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50mm Aluminum Honeycomb Panel




  • ● color coated steel plate
  • ● aluminum honeycomb
  • ● color coated steel plate

Panel thickness:


standard modules: 980mm、1180mm non-standard can be customized

Plate material:

PE polyester, PVDF (fluorocarbon), salinized plate, antistatic

Plate thickness:


Fiber Core Material:

Aluminum honeycomb (aperture 21mm)

connection method :

Central aluminum connection, male and female socket connection

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  • Introducing Aluminum Honeycomb Panels, a building material that combines durability, strength and versatility like never before.   Featuring a unique hexagonal structural core, this advanced panel is not only lightweight but also has exceptional compressive strength, making it an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

    The core material of the aluminum honeycomb panel is engineered with the highest precision to ensure that it provides the best possible performance.   Its hexagonal honeycomb structure allows for ultimate strength while significantly reducing weight.   This lightweight characteristic makes it the first choice for industries requiring weight reduction, such as aerospace and transportation.

    One of the outstanding features of aluminum honeycomb panels is their excellent flatness.   The technology used in its production ensures perfectly flat surfaces for a variety of uses, from architectural cladding to interior design.   This level of flatness allows for easy installation and guarantees stunning visuals.

    With its exceptional compressive strength, aluminum honeycomb panels are able to withstand high pressure environments, making them ideal for applications where structural integrity is critical.   Its stability ensures that it can withstand heavy loads without compromising its shape, giving architects and designers the flexibility to create innovative designs without fear of structural failure.

    The versatility of aluminum honeycomb panels is limitless.   Its lightweight properties and exceptional strength make it suitable for a variety of industries and applications.   Whether for architectural use, aerospace structures, interior partitions or marine applications, the panel proves to be the perfect solution for a wide variety of projects.

    Another advantage of aluminum honeycomb panels is their fire resistance.   The panels can withstand extreme temperatures and comply with strict fire safety regulations.   Its ability to delay the spread and intensity of a fire ensures a higher level of safety, making it an excellent choice for commercial and residential buildings.

    Additionally, aluminum honeycomb panels are highly customizable.   It can be customized to specific requirements, including different sizes, finishes and colours.   This versatility allows architects and designers to unleash their creativity and bring their unique visions to life while maintaining the exceptional quality and performance of the panels.

    In conclusion, aluminum honeycomb panels are a game changer in the construction industry.   Its unique hexagonal structure provides unrivaled compressive strength, while its lightweight nature makes it easy to handle and install.   With exceptional flatness, fire resistance and customization options, the panel will revolutionize the way we build and design structures.   Choose aluminum honeycomb panels for your next project and experience the perfect combination of strength, versatility, and innovation.