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50mm Paper Honeycomb Cleanroom Panel

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50mm paper honeycomb panel refers to a panel made from layers of paper that are bonded together in a honeycomb pattern. This honeycomb structure provides strength and stability to the panel while keeping it lightweight. The 50mm thickness indicates the depth or thickness of the panel.Paper honeycomb panels are commonly used in various applications such as furniture manufacturing, interior design, packaging, and construction. Due to their lightweight and eco-friendly nature, they are often used as a sustainable alternative to traditional panel materials like plywood or particleboard. These panels can be easily cut, shaped, and finished to meet specific design requirements. They offer good insulation properties, sound absorption qualities, and impact resistance, making them suitable for different needs and environments.

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    50mm Paper Honeycomb Panel




    • ● color coated steel plate
    • ● paper honeycomb
    • ● color coated steel plate

    Panel thickness:


    standard modules: 980mm、1180mm non-standard can be customized

    Plate material:

    PE polyester, PVDF (fluorocarbon), salinized plate, antistatic

    Plate thickness:


    Fiber Core Material:

    Paper Honeycomb (aperture 21mm)

    connection method :

    Central aluminum connection, male and female socket connection

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  • Introducing our innovative and highly efficient cleanroom paper honeycomb panels designed to significantly enhance and optimize cleanroom environments. As the need for cleaner, safer spaces continues to grow, our products provide reliable solutions combining advanced technology and environmentally friendly materials.

    Our cleanroom paper honeycomb panels are constructed with a unique honeycomb structure made from high-quality paper fibers. This lightweight yet durable design provides exceptional strength and stability while maintaining excellent thermal insulation. The honeycomb structure not only improves the overall strength of the panel, but also enhances its sound absorption and fire resistance.

    As cleanliness is of paramount importance in cleanroom environments, our panels are designed to minimize the risk of contamination. The smooth, non-porous surface of the panels prevents the accumulation of dust particles, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. This ensures consistent cleanliness and purity within the cleanroom, meeting the stringent standards of industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics and food processing.

    Additionally, the installation process of our cleanroom paper honeycomb panels is quick and easy. The panels can be easily assembled and disassembled, allowing flexibility to adapt to changing cleanroom requirements. In addition, the lightweight nature of the panels reduces loads on the building structure, making them ideal for new construction and renovation projects.

    Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the materials used to manufacture the panels. Paper fibers come from responsibly managed forests, promoting ecologically conscious practices. The panels are recyclable, helping to reduce the overall environmental impact. By choosing our cleanroom paper honeycomb panels, you are not only investing in a reliable and quality product, but supporting a greener future.

    In summary, our cleanroom paper honeycomb panels provide an excellent solution for cleanroom environments. Its unique honeycomb structure, excellent thermal insulation, sound absorption and fire protection properties ensure optimum performance. Additionally, installation efficiency and commitment to sustainability make it a top choice across a variety of industries. Trust our cleanroom paper honeycomb panels to provide a cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly solution to your cleanroom needs.