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50mm Hollow Magnesium Cleanroom Panel

short description:


Mechanized sandwich board products are mechanically produced by automatic production lines. According to customer and demander engineering requirements to make special core material, special specifications of the board
Product appearance is beautiful, set bearing, heat preservation, fire prevention, waterproof in one, and no second decoration, size and color can be customized, can be quickly installed and put into use.
Suitable for temporary offices, warehouses, walls, etc., on construction sites.

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50mm Silicon Rock Panel




  • ● color coated steel plate
  • ● silicon rock
  • ● color coated steel plate

Panel thickness:


standard modules: 950mm、1150mm

Plate material:

PE polyester, PVDF (fluorocarbon), salinized plate, antistatic

Plate thickness:


Filled Core Material:

Silicon Rock(3.25Kg/m2)

connection mothed :

Tongue-and-groove board

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  • Machine-made sillion rock sandwich panel.    This architectural trim panel is a game-changer for the construction industry.    With its high-quality color-coated steel skin and silica core, it offers unrivaled durability and aesthetics.

    Machine-made rock slabs are refined using advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment.    With the help of high-speed contact automatic molding machine, through the heating and pressing composite process, excellent quality and strength are ensured.    Meticulous trimming, grooving and cutting create a flawless, stylish and visually stunning panel.

    One of the main features of this product is its versatility.    Machine-made silica slabs are widely used.    It is especially suitable for building exterior wall insulation, providing a strong and reliable solution.    The thermal insulation properties of the panels play a vital role in maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor environment.    Additionally, its unique composition makes it ideal for use in laboratories, pharmaceutical workshops, hospital operating rooms, and even ceramic manufacturing facilities.

    What sets this architectural panel apart from others on the market is its superior performance and longevity.    Due to the use of high-quality materials and sophisticated manufacturing processes, machine-made silica slabs have excellent weather resistance, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance.    It can withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring building facades will remain intact and attractive for years to come.

    Plus, machine-made sillion rock is easy to install, making it a practical choice for building projects of all sizes.    Its lightweight features and user-friendly design simplify installation, reduce labor costs and save time.

    With manufactured slate, you can enhance the visual appeal, functionality and durability of your building.    Its modern and sleek look adds a touch of sophistication to any project.    Trust the quality of our products and experience a new generation of architectural finishes that exceed expectations.

    Upgrade your building projects with Mechanized Silica Panels and witness the transformation it brings to your building facades.