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50mm Double Magnesium&Rockwool Panel

short description:


Metal surface double  magnesium rockwool manual sandwich panel is made of color coated plate as the panel,galvanized corner parts around the edge, filled with rockwool +double-sided magnesium board as the inner core layer, by heating, pressure, curing and other processes

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50mm Double Magnesium & Rockwool Panel 75mm Double Magnesium & Rockwool Panel




  • ● color coated steel plate
  • ● magnesium
  • ● rock wool
  • ● magnesium
  • ● color coated steel plate
  • ● color coated steel plate
  • ● magnesium
  • ● rock wool
  • ● magnesium
  • ● color coated steel plate

Panel thickness:


standard modules: 980mm、1180mm non-standard can be customized  980mm、1180mm non-standard can be customized

Plate material:

PE polyester, PVDF (fluorocarbon), salinized plate, antistatic

 PE polyester, PVDF (fluorocarbon), salinized plate, antistatic

Plate thickness:



Fiber Core Material:

Rock wool (bulk density 120K)+double layer 5mm magnesium board

 Rock wool (bulk density 120K)+double layer 5mm magnesium board

connection method :

Central aluminum connection, male and female socket connection  Central aluminum connection, male and female socket connection

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  • Do you need a partition wall enclosure with excellent fire performance, excellent thermal insulation and cost-effectiveness?           Our innovative handmade double-layer Magnesium &Rockwool  Panel is your best choice.

    Combining state-of-the-art technology with high-quality materials, our rock wool panels are designed to meet the most demanding requirements for partition wall enclosures.           One of its greatest advantages is its excellent fire performance, reaching Class A standards.           With this feature, you can rest assured knowing that your property is well protected from the risk of fire.

    Our rock wool panels are an excellent thermal insulator, minimizing heat transfer between different areas of your property, ensuring optimum energy efficiency.           By providing a reliable barrier against external temperature fluctuations, it promotes a comfortable indoor environment while reducing heating and cooling costs.

    Affordable price is another key feature of our Double layer Magnesium &Rockwool  Panels.           It is competitively priced and provides excellent value for money, making it ideal for budget-conscious customers looking for a reliable, high-performance partition material.

    What sets our handmade double layer Magnesium &Rockwool  Panel apart from the competition is its unique composition.           The surface is made of high-quality color-coated steel sheet, which ensures the durability and visual appeal of the partition.           The edge part and ribs are made of galvanized steel strip, which increases the strength and stability of the structure.

    The core layer consists of a double layer of 5mm moisture-resistant magnesium board, which has excellent moisture resistance and ensures a long-lasting solution for your partitions.           Finally, an inner core of rock wool enhances the thermal insulation and sound absorption properties of the panels.           Our rock wool boards have low thermal conductivity, non-toxic properties and excellent chemical stability, guaranteeing a safe and healthy environment for your property.

    Our handcrafted double layer Magnesium &Rockwool panels are manufactured using advanced processes including pressure and heating to meet the highest standards of quality and workmanship.           Its long lifespan and ease of installation provide a hassle-free solution for partition wall enclosures.

    Choose our handmade  Double  layer Magnesium &Rockwool  Panels and experience an unrivaled combination of fire performance, insulation, economy and durability.           Invest in a product that improves your property’s security and energy efficiency.